Recently, we ran a promotion on Facebook that gave NHS workers one of our recycled neck warmers if they emailed in. 

We didn’t expect the response we got, and can only thank everyone who shared, commented and tagged people in.
While we ran out of our allocation of neck warmers relatively quickly, we ensured no-one missed out by distributing £10 Gift Cards.

Today, we officially extend that again.

If you work in the NHS, police force or for any other front line service, fill in the form and we’ll send you a £10 Gift Card for our Online Shop, free of charge.

You can sample our award-winning range of premium recycled running, cycling & fitness sportswear for a fraction of the RRP.


SAVE 20%
£27.00 £21.60

100% Recycled Polyester


The UK's First 100% Recycled Neck Warmer

SAVE 50%
£40.00 £20.00

Made With Recycled Polyester

SAVE 20%
SAVE 20%
SAVE 20%


To every brave person putting their own lives & families at risk to protect others. 

The UK’s spirit is overwhelming at the best of times, but you are shining stars in desperate times.