Sustainable Sportswear Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

When you think about items that are made from recycled plastic bottles, often the thought is that there’s a hefty premium involved. 

We’re here today to dispel that myth, and to show you how we’ve managed to create our elite cycling jerseys, running vests and technical jerseys from 100% polyester, without you needing to break the bank to jump on the sustainable trail.

First of all, we have to touch on the quality of our recycled sportswear.

Recycled polyester may be seen by some as a bit of a negative, due to the ‘recycled’ nature of the bottles prior to production. That’s simply not true. The plastic bottles undergo a series of treatments prior to their rebirth as polyester yarn, which cleans and strips the plastic of all original contents. The recycled polyester is as stable and clean as that of newly created plastic; it’s simply sourced differently. 

With the quality of the recycled fabric equal to that of a non-recycled equivalent, we’ll look at the pricing. A quick search for ‘Running T-Shirts’ on Google will reveal products within the boundaries of £25 to £35 from some of the top, expected brands.When you consider that our recycled running vest is priced at £27.00 (with 20% off first orders, making it around £21.60), you’ll see that it’s actually quite wallet-friendly. Each of our recycled products feature the highest quality features and an elite fit for enduring, comfortable wear. 

The story is similar with our cycling jerseys. At £65, these elite cycle tops feature an elite-fit with zipped pockets, super bright reflective detailing and construction from the . All made with 100% recycled polyester, don’t forget. Take that 20% discount into account, and you’re down to just £52 for your first order!

What are we trying to say? Don’t rule out recycled sportswear for your next purchase. Why not try it for yourself with 20% off first orders, using VIP20 at checkout. 


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