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Kathy Stringer

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Kathy Stringer | Scimitar Ambassador & GB AG Duathlete

With lockdown life in full force and screen times going through the roof, I thought I’d compile some of my favourite stories and social media accounts that will help to inject some positivity and life into your news feeds.

I’m finding that I’m drawn to humour, creativity and positivity more than ever so if you’d like a few fresh faces to follow and be inspired by….read on!

Captain Tom Moore

How could I write a blog on positive stories and not have Captain Tom Moore headlining?!

He has singlehandedly raised over £16million (and counting!) by walking 100 lengths of his 25m back garden – all before turning 100 yrs old at the end of this month. His original fundraising target was £1000 but when word got out, the donations started rolling in and he has now broken the record for the most amount of money raised by one person ever. The nation is now asking for him to receive a knighthood for his efforts…not a bad way to celebrate your 100th birthday!

Read more on his story here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-52303859

Follow his fundraising page here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tomswalkforthenhs

Joe Wicks

AKA the nation’s P.E. teacher!

Through his daily live workout videos on Youtube, starting at 9am every weekday morning, Joe has become a household favourite. He’s gained 1.4million subscribers on YouTube in just a couple of weeks, bringing him to a total of 2.2million and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. With exercises that target the whole body and that can be adapted for children, the elderly and wheelchair users, there isn’t a person in the country with an excuse to not join in. His energy, enthusiasm and original movements (I.e. ‘the kangaroo jumps’) are infectious which makes it unsurprising that he’s now watched by a global audience. If you haven’t had chance to tune in yet, make sure you give it a go, or visit his channel for hundreds of other workout videos targeting different areas of the body.

The Body Coach TV: thebodycoach1

Instagram: @thebodycoach

Jenny Tough

As an adventure seeker, solo traveller, endurance challenger and mountain lover, Jenny is simply living the dream.

Jenny is attempting to complete a run across all six continents….solo. So far she has completed four; the Tien Shan of Kyrgyzstan, Atlas of Morocco, the Bolivian Andes and the Southern Alps. Taking everything she has learned from her solo adventures, she is now giving out daily tips and advice on how to mentally cope with lockdown life. Whether it be self-care, motivation, staying connected or coping with fear, she has experienced it all before on her trips and is now relating it to the current situation. If you’re looking for some advice on how to stay calm and build a plan of how to manage the next few weeks, Jenny is your girl! Oh and yes, that’s her real name!

Website: jennytough.com

Instagram: @jennytough

Nick Butter

Not only is Nick Butter an incredible athlete, he’s also a great storyteller.

He’s the first person to have run a marathon in every country in the world and is currently living the van life with his dog. But how does somebody with so much energy and drive stay sane during a time like this when exercise and travel are heavily restricted? By running a marathon around the perimeter of their van, of course! Give Nick a follow if you need an extra sprinkle of motivation to get up and go in the morning, or just simply to enjoy the views from his van…

Website: nickbutter.com

Instagram: @nickbutterrun

Kelly Holmes

Since winning her double gold medals in the 2004 Olympics, Kelly has been a huge inspiration to me.

Out of all of the elite athletes I follow, she has to be one of the strongest, smartest and most forward-thinking. She regularly posted home workout videos before self-isolation was ever a thing, however since lockdown began, she has been doing her morning workouts live on Instagram as well as uploading motivational messages – she’s like an online coach that you never knew you had…and who you don’t want to disappoint! Her latest approach is to get her followers to do a virtual run with her.

Warm up together at home through Zoom, head out the door at the same time for a run (tuned in via Instagram live if you’d like the virtual company!) and then a cool down afterwards… I love her innovation and ways to engage with her online community.

Website: kellyholmes.co.uk

Instagram: @damekellyholmes

There are so many others that I’d love to include on this list but I feel like these should provide you with enough entertainment and motivation for at least another couple of weeks!

Kathy x

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