How Do We Make Recycled Sportswear?

Now that we’ve switched our focus to developing and manufacturing recycled sportswear, there’s a lot of hype around how we go about creating the range. 

Let’s take a closer look at the process! Firstly, pre-consumer fibre waste and post-consumer plastic bottles are collected in bulk.

These are then packed and sent to our recycling processing facility. A unique conversion process then take place, where the plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste are ground, melted and reformulated. The reformulated chips are then loaded into silos, and stored safely while the processes take place.

A recycled resin is formed, which the basis for the yarn will be created. An extrusion & texture process takes place, before the final product is put on to a roll as the final polyester yarn.

The recycled yarn is then shipped to our factory, where they are used in the production of our running vests, cycling jerseys and technical t-shirts. We then use enough yarn in the production of each product to re-use six plastic bottles, which amounts to a huge number of recycled plastic bottle over the production of our yearly ranges for both Elite Sportswear & Funky Sportswear.

This recycled polyester is fully traced, fully certified and recognised by global standards.

We are extremely proud to be one of the first UK brands to incorporate recycled polyester into our main production line for running vests, cycling jerseys and technical t-shirts.

Our talented team of garment technologists are now working on creating our next ranges for Elite, which include a number of vibrant, traditional colours to add to our core staple of products. We’re making the focus of our next blog on explaining the key features and differences of the elite range, and how we’re able to incorporate recycled polyester into our production without needing to go overboard with pricing.

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