Team Torelli Cyclist Amelia Harper joins as Scimitar Ambassador

My name is Amelia Harper and I’m really happy to be partnering with Scimitar!

I am an on-air broadcast journalist and a cyclist for Torelli-Assure, an international elite race team. I’m currently getting over a bad knee injury so there’s lots of physio and rehabbing in my current programme, but I can’t wait to properly race again amongst a really talented group of women in the team.

I’m still relatively new to racing, as I transferred nearly three years ago from playing other high-level sport. My first ever sport really was swimming, where I was one of the fastest freestylers in the country at school, but to be honest I don’t miss the constant wet hair!

Alongside the other usual school sports, I started sailing aged five and then progressed to the National Youth Squad, but that was cut short after I slipped two discs in my back. I spent a good five years rehabbing and after numerous procedures, I took up archery as it wasn’t high-impact but I needed to focus my competitive drive!

In a year, I managed to get onto the Great Britain Talent Development Programme, but I knew I was then physically in a place to go back to more physically intense sports so I started water polo with my swim background.

Within 12 months, I won the University National Championship with Durham University but then three concussions later, and that was the end of that!

I’d always marvelled at track cycling when I was younger and it was something I tried before I hurt my back at 14, so I decided cycling was my next calling. I had a high level of fitness already from water polo as I was a goalie, which was all about explosive leg power, so I progressed well and here I am now in Torelli. I’m not as race-experienced as the other girls, but I’ve got a lot of other experience under my belt so in time, hopefully I’ll see some good results when the knee is better. I’d love to race at UCI level.

Our amazing kit sponsor is Scimitar and the kit is great with loads of options. My favourite bits of kit are our bib shorts and I also have to say our sports bra because they’ve really gone to the effort to provide us with a large range of kit!

When I’m not cycling and training I work as a broadcast journalist. It involves reading the news which reaches hundreds of thousands of people as well as reporting live on breaking stories and things like that for LBC. It’s very fast-paced, pretty stressful half the time, but also very exciting.

When I’m not a news junkie, I’ll be trying out different banana bread recipes. Yogurt or no yogurt in the recipe, I’m still undecided. Last fun fact, shamefully I can get through a kilo of peanut butter in under three weeks…protein is key, right!?

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