Irish international cyclist joins as Scimitar Ambassador

Hi, my name is Róisín Lally. I am an Irish cyclist based in the North East of England and I’m really excited to be partnering with Scimitar.

I’m currently studying Biology, Psychology and Sports Science at Sixth Form. I also completed an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) on whether beetroot juice enhances the performance of endurance cyclists, which enabled me to combine my love for cycling alongside my studies.

On top of this, I am currently training for three main cycling disciplines: Road, Cyclocross and Cross-country Mountain Biking. On the road I compete for Team Torelli, and Scott Quanta Racing for Cyclocross and MTB. I have also represented the Irish national team at the European and World Cyclocross Championships – an achievement that I will be forever proud of!

My passion for cycling started through triathlons, where I competed at a young age with a local club. The bike part of triathlon was always my favourite and where I made up the most time.

Most youth triathlon cycling courses consisted of a bike leg which was set out on a grass track, this led me to try out cyclocross racing. I was instantly hooked on the muddy, technical courses that cyclocross gave (big shoutout to my Mum and the washing machine for putting up with this!), and waved goodbye to triathlons. I quickly fell in love with the sport and started competing on the Road and MTB during the summer, as I couldn’t stay away from racing for too long!

Competitive cycling has provided many ups and downs throughout the years, with plenty of steep learning curves. As I journey through the sport, I have learnt that progression is not always linear so like all competitive athletes I have had to work hard and be determined to produce my best performances.

Throughout my cycling career I have worked closely with my coach who helped me to gain multiple regional and North of England titles throughout all disciplines, as well as helping me to be selected to represent the Irish national team within international competitions. I will be forever grateful for those who have helped me in my career so far and, I hope to continue to compete and improve at an international level as I develop as an athlete.

In the summer of 2020, I would have been a first-year junior racing for Team Torelli, who have been incredible in organising racing opportunities for my teammates and I. These included the likes of Ras Na Mban (Women’s tour of Ireland) and Gent Wevelgem. Unfortunately, like most athletes, I was hit hard by the effects of Covid-19 which meant a lot of the races were cancelled or were made impossible to get to. Despite this, I was lucky enough to have competed in some races where I picked up a few wins. I am very excited for my future with Team Torelli and what we can achieve when things start to return to normal!

I was lucky enough, upon joining Team Torelli, to be given some of Scimitar’s high-quality kit to race and train in. Without being overly biased, this is some of the best kit I have ever worn. It is able to keep me comfortable in all eventualities, whether this is long summer rides, or high-pace efforts in the depths of winter. My favourite piece of kit is by far the skinsuits, I tend to overheat easily in long-sleeved skinsuits, so the breathable fabric prevents this unlike any other kit I have tried before.

Another highlight is the leisure and gym kit; the leggings have such a nice fit with an added bonus of pockets, which have been great for my run training to carry my phone and free up my hands.

I think my favourite part of Scimitar is that they’re very environmentally conscious, their aim is to be a sustainable and eco-friendly company so lots of their kit is made from recycled materials, which is something I think is vitally important in the modern day.

You can follow Roisin on her cycling journey on Instagram: roisin07

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