From Couch to Coach

I’m Matt, I’m 36 and I’m a running coach living in Bristol.

I’ve been running on and off throughout my life. I was a sprinter until about 16, and drifted in and out for the occasional 10k/half marathon challenge in my 20s. It wasn’t until 2015 when I properly caught the bug again.

I’d got into a real slump of just work, coming home and watching TV with a beer, and it was just the same on repeat. My mental health took a real beating, particularly my self-confidence, and I decided to start couch to 5k on my own.

I was shocked at how unfit I’d become, but with the help of a friend initially, I fixed my nutrition and worked on some basic strength and got some fitness back slowly. In 2016 I ran my first marathon in Barcelona, followed by another six months later in Munich. Since then, I’ve gone on to run the London Marathon in 2018 and 2019.

I started coaching three years ago as the town I lived in at the time was quite small and didn’t have much of a social running scene, and I wanted to get other people into it. What started as a couch to 5k group led to an England Athletics-affiliated running club of over 100 members, and it gave me so much pride to see people enjoying their running, when I’d coached them from the start.

I’m now a qualified running coach, and since moving to Bristol (during the first lockdown!) I’ve had the opportunity to meet and coach some fantastic people and help them achieve their goals.

You’ll normally see me out running in my hybrid recycled top or a 1/4 zip long-sleeved top. The long-sleeved top is light enough to wear for harder workouts but also keeps me warm during the winter evenings, without getting too sweaty!

Matthew Dorber | Scimitar Ambassador & Running Coach

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