5 Things: How I Keep Motivated To Run

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Louise McLelland | Scimitar Ambassador
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Running for me has always meant more than just the physical exercise.

I feel now (more than ever) it is important to get outside and reap the benefits of the fresh air and release of endorphins. That being said, it is not always easy to find the motivation to get out and run. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you five things that keep my motivation levels up, and hope they are useful for you at home!


So I know not everyone has a couple of furry friends to drag them outside, but for me personally, having two highly energetic dogs that love to run really helps encourage me to get my trainers on and hit the trails!


Once the dogs have dragged me out I find a good playlist really helps me keep the momentum going on my runs!

Setting Goals

I set myself a weekly target of the distance I would like to cover and new routes/trails I would like to explore. It really helps me stay focused during the week and not hit snooze when I need to get that run in before work to meet my weekly target.


I know for me there is no time like when I am running that I feel truly free from my worries and the worries of the world. Knowing I get this release is sometimes the only reason I need to get off my sofa and out my door.

The ‘Buzz’

I guess this one is similar to the feeling of escaping however it comes after the run. There are many a time I have felt demotivated and put off going a run, but once I’ve dragged myself out I have never once regretted it or not felt better for it.

This is the biggest motivator for me, knowing no matter what, no matter how long, short, fast or slow the run, that I will always get that buzz afterwards, and it’s amazing.

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